How it Works

The Virtual Health Village will allow seamless exchange of student electronic health records between different hospitals, clinics, physician offices and school districts in the Lehigh Valley. Rapid electronic exchange of information between partner organizations will assure that more complete, up-to-date information is available to health care providers, including school nurses, when a child is treated in an emergency room, clinic or doctor’s office or when the student visits the school health room.

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Family Concerns
& Questions

What is the Virtual Health Village? What types of information might be shared? What does participation mean for my child? Who can see my child’s personal health information? How do I know my child’s information is kept private and secure? Find those answers and more by browsing our Frequently Asked Questions.



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Help spread the word about the Virtual Health Village among the parents within your community.

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Upcoming Events

Registrations will take place at various community events and at all Allentown and Bethlehem Area School District events throughout the months of December, January and February.

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